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FSB offers cashback rewards

FSB offers cashback rewards

Not many financial institutions “reward” customers by putting money in their pocket like First Service Bank does.

“First Service Bank wants to give back to our customers where we can, as a thank you for their business.” Said Robin Hackett, COO.

The First Service rewards program is a special feature on individual checking accounts that annually provides cash back.

“We like to call it ‘Christmas Money,’” said assistant branch manager Brittni Adlong, who has worked at First Service Bank for almost six years.

“There are several different ways to earn points toward a cashback bonus,” Brittni said. “You can earn points from direct deposits, automatic loan payments from an FSB checking account, enrollment in electronic delivery of statements and many other great ways.”

Customers can also earn points by using an FSB debit card. “You earn points from using your card as debit or credit. Running it as credit offers more points toward the cashback bonus than running the card as debit,” Brittni said. 

Any customer with an FSB rewards checking account can participate in the cashback program. 

“There is an option to sign up for this account online or in the branch,” Brittni said. “If you are already in this checking account product, there is nothing you will have to do further, except to call the bank before the week of Christmas to cash points in.”

Customers earn points all year, with each monthly statement reporting the individual’s current rewards balance. “Customers stop earning points the last statement date in November and you have to cash them in before the week of Christmas,” Brittni said, adding that points are not carried over to the next year and must be redeemed before Christmas. 

Brittni has seen rewards checks range from $25 to $300.

Brittni added that she is unaware that of any other financial institution offers a rewards program like the one at First Service Bank. “Why wouldn’t you want to participate in rewards? This could offer the ‘Christmas money’ back to you and in your pocket. With today’s world, we want to offer that little extra back to our customers’.

“Since you now know First Service Bank offers a rewards program, now would be a great time to come see us and get your account opened to start earning points toward your cashback bonus,” Brittni said.