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Nate Bartlett - First Service helps save businesses money and time

Nate Bartlett - First Service helps save businesses money and time

First Service Bank has the top tools and services to help business customers not only succeed but also save money and grow.

“We offer services that make banking with First Service extremely convenient for the customer,” said Nate Bartlett, a commercial loan and business development officer. “We have extended hours via our VTMs (video teller machines), businesses can make deposits from their offices using our mobile banking services, and our team truly wants to do whatever possible to see our business customers succeed.”

With some businesses facing tough economic times, it is important to use resources wisely and save money wherever possible. First Service Bank can help!

“Our business accounts are special because we don’t nickel and dime our customers for using their accounts,” Nate said. “The way we see it, it is their money and it’s not fair that some banks charge for simple things like statements and the number of transactions they have. 

“We are grateful to have their business and we feel the best way to show that is letting them keep their money.”

First Service also sets itself apart from other financial institutions with outstanding customer service delivered by professional and friendly associates.

“At First Service, we pride ourselves on our customer service,” Nate said. “These days, that is a common saying among businesses but here we back it up. We offer onsite training for customers at zero cost. This training can be showing a customer how to log in to online banking or it can be a full day of working with their accounting team to make sure payroll goes out on time. 

“No matter the need or the time it takes, we are here to help our customers grow.” 

Nate said First Service also has a strong commitment to the communities it serves, another important consideration for businesses. “At First Service we are all members of the communities we work in,” he said. “When our local businesses do well, so do we.”

Changing banks can be challenging, but First Service bankers are eager to walk businesses through the process and offer assistance along the way to make it less burdensome. 

“Let’s be honest, switching banks doesn’t sound like fun to anyone. We are real people, we get that,” Nate said. “The reason so many people are willing to go through that process is because of the considerable time we are able to save them when they make the switch. We offer products that will reduce the stress of banking and decrease the time it takes businesses to do their daily banking. 

“When customers make the switch to us, it’s like going from an old flip phone to the newest smartphone – it’s life changing.” 

As an associate of First Service Bank, Nate said he enjoys most seeing customers succeed. “For me, it’s gratifying to see customers achieve their goals through the help of First Service Bank,” he said. “The bank provides several tools and resources to help customers with all of their banking needs.” 

For more information on First Service products and services, call Nate Bartlett at 501-932-5050.