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First Service Bank has stringent fraud protection services

First Service Bank has stringent fraud protection services

First Service Bank utilizes the latest technology and delivers personal service to assist customers in staying abreast of their account transactions and help prevent fraudulent activity.

Bethany Hoyt, assistant branch manager of Marion County, has worked for First Service for 14 years. She offers several suggestions to customers to safeguard their account, including protecting your personal identification number. “Keep it to yourself, don’t write it down and don’t give it to someone else,” she said. “Also, be mindful of where you use your card, especially online, and when answering unsolicited phone calls.”

First Service Bank will never call and ask a customer for their card number, account number or PIN, according to Bethany. “If you have any doubts, please call your local branch to verify before providing any of that pertinent information,” she said.

Bethany also recommends that at a minimum customers review their monthly statement. “However, it is best practice to check your account daily,” she said. “With today’s technology, it is more convenient than ever to monitor your accounts frequently. First Service Bank gives customers the option through their online banking to set up alerts sent directly to their phone and/or email address, including balance and transfer messages and other helpful notifications.”

A regular review of account activity will help prevent an outbreak of unauthorized charges. “In the unfortunate event that you see an unauthorized item pending, we will be able to assist you promptly and effectively the earlier we are notified,” Bethany said.

If an unfamiliar charge to an account is noticed, the customer should first call the merchant who charged the transaction and attempt to resolve the matter. “If that is an unsuccessful attempt, you may call or come into any First Service Bank location and one of our associates will prepare the dispute paperwork,” Bethany said. “We also have a great new feature through our mobile app that allows you to lock your debit card, if the bank is not open at that time.”

First Service Bank has stringent fraud protection services and procedures in place to help resolve the matter quickly, according to Bethany. “One of our associates will gladly walk the customer step by step through the process until it is resolved or a conclusion has been reached.”

Addressing these types of matters is time sensitive as a charge can only be disputed within 60 days from the customer’s most recent statement.

“It’s your money,” Bethany said. “Protect it at all costs, and at First Service Bank, we will do our best to assist you in doing so.”