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Businesses enjoy convenience of Merchant Capture

Businesses enjoy convenience of Merchant Capture

Merchant Capture is an easy and time-saving way for First Service Bank business customers to deposit checks.

The remote deposit product utilizes a desktop scanner connected to a personal computer and the Internet. First Service Bank supplies the desktop scanner along with software training. The business scans checks received from customers and submits them to the bank’s deposit team for review. Once approved, the customer is given next day credit on the deposit.

The service allows a business to deposit checks from the comfort of home or the office, reducing travel time to and from a branch.

“At First Service Bank, we are constantly exploring ways to best serve our customers,” said Robin Hackett, chief operations officer and chief mortgage officer. “We feel a strong partnership with our customers. Merchant Capture is one of the services First Service Bank offers our business customers to help save them time.”

If the customer doesn’t have immediate access to the scanner, a mobile web version is also available. A smartphone or tablet camera can be utilized to capture check images and submit them, making it convenient when out of the office or on the go. 

“Remote deposit capture works by either scanning checks on a check scanner that we can provide or by taking a picture of the check with your phone through a certain program we set up,” said Brittany Witham, branch manager and loan officer at the First Service location in Greenbrier. “The checks are then deposited into your business account. It’s the same thing as coming to the bank but it’s all done remotely.”

The benefits of Merchant Capture include:

  • Streamlined check deposit processes and improved management of receivables.
  • Added convenience with the ability to make deposits outside of normal banking hours and from multiple offices into one bank.
  • Saving time preparing deposits.
  • Reduced costs spent on courier fees or trips to the bank.
“All you have to do to get this process started is to reach out to a First Service Bank employee and we will get the ball rolling,” said Brittany.

There is no fee for the Merchant Capture service, which First Service has offered for about five years.

“The biggest advantage of having remote deposit capture for our customer is the convenience,” said Brittany, who added “there are absolutely no disadvantages” with the product. “Everyone in this day and age is all about convenience and this product makes the lives of our business customers simpler by allowing them to deposit checks without coming to the bank.”